Bat Flip

When Jose Bautista homered and flipped his bat in the 2015 playoffs, Blue Jays frenzy reached a fever pitch not seen since Joe Carter’s 1993 World Series home run.

Those two home runs still bring tears and chills to Jays fans. And each season, each game, each at bat holds triumphs, heartbreaks and surprises of its own.

In Bat Flip, editor Keith McArthur curates the very best writing about the Toronto Blue Jays, from the tragic postscript to Doug Ault’s 1977 opening day heroics to John McDonald’s emotional Father’s Day tribute. This collection brings together writing from players, journalists and fans.

With a cast of characters that includes heroes, zeros, cheats and liars, Bat Flip is a must read for every Toronto Blue Jays fan.



About The Editor

Keith McArthur

Keith McArthur is President and Publisher of FanReads. His first book, Air Monopoly, was published in 2004. He lives in Toronto with his wife Laura and sons Connor and Bryson.


Flippin Fantastic... Bat Flip is the complete collection of everything Blue Jays. A wonderful read from beginning to end.

C Ashbury

Whether your're a new Blue Jays fan or have been since day-one, Bat Flip is worth the read from beginning to end.

Andre Corbett

Highly recommended to baseball fans in general and to Blue Jays fans in particular. There are lots of things that I have heard of before but didn't know the minute details and there are also some stories in there I had no idea happened. They were VERY interesting to me as I have been a huge Jays fan since 1977.

Jim Brough


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