Long and Winding Road

The Beatles were the greatest rock band of all time. And their influence spread far beyond music, influencing the culture and politics of the sixties in a profound way.

In Long and Winding Road, editor Luis Miguel curates the very best writing about the Beatles, from the mysterious death of original Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe to the curious tale of the dentist who is trying to clone John Lennon from a tooth.

This collection brings together writing from all four Beatles, including Paul McCartney’s first-person account of an early gig where the Beatles played for Janice the Stripper in a Liverpool club. We also hear from contemporary music critics and fans who were there for some of the most amazing Beatles moments, such as their Ed Sullivan Show appearance.

Long and Winding Road is a must read for Beatles fans, music fans, and anyone curious about how four lads from Liverpool defined the sixties and changed the world.


About The Editor

Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel is a writer, marketer, and business owner. In addition to the Beatles, he enjoys listening to artists including Genesis, Mike Oldfield and Brian Eno.

He runs Ket-Go Digital Media and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife and children.


It was interesting to hear words from the Beatles themselves, and various Beatle scholars on the world-wide phenomenon that was THE BEATLES!

Emma Gilmour

The subject matter, while widely covered and known, was presented anew, with a refreshing and crisp taste of exactly why everyone loves the Beatles.

Eliza J. Gomez


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